2021 Dominator Trooper Complete

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The Trooper provides beginner and intermediate scooter riders a great platform to develop core skills and perfect technique. Typically made for the younger/smaller rider, with a 17.1” deck making it possible to blitz tailwhips round as quick as possible. This year’s Trooper is notably smaller than the previous model but we’ve made sure that it still packs a big punch. We developed this model for all you little shredders out there.


  • DECK: Military Grade 6061 T6 Aluminium 435mm / 17.1in long BY 115mm / 4.5in wide

  • BARS: One Pieces HTQ195 Steel Bar 460mm / 18.1in high BY 510mm / 20in wide

  • GRIPS: Soft Rubber Compound by District

  • FORK: Steel Fork, 110mm compatible

  • WHEELS: 110mm with Alloy Core Wheels by District

  • CLAMP: Double clamp with M6 steel bolts grade 8 steel