2021 Dominator Airborne Complete

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Retail - $159.99

A step up from the Sniper, we have the Dominator Airborne Complete. This is a really nice complete straight out the box that features a Cold forged fork that is then machined down and light weight. The complete runs MINI HIC compression which is a sweet feature that makes compression a lot easier. This scooter also has an integrated deck that has a completely flat surface perfect for grinds and stalls. It comes 19.6" long by 4.7" wide. Sitting in the deck is the District Integrated headset which is a big plus since most completes just come with a stock headset. For a real solid scooter, this great affordable price can NOT be beat. 


  • DECK: Military Grade 6061 T6 Aluminum19.6in long by 4.7in wide

  • BARS: Steel 23" high by 22" wide

  • GRIPS: Soft Rubber Compound by District

  • FORK: Mini HIC Threadless Alloy Fork by District (Max wheel width 28mm)

  • WHEELS: 110mm with Alloy Core (28mm wide) Wheels by District

  • CLAMP: Double clamp with M6 steel bolts grade 8 steel