District Titus Complete

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At District, we've spent years producing quality scooters and parts from the ground up and listening to the demands of our core followers which shape us as a brand. We couldn't think of a more suitable name for our brand new complete - Titus; meaning "title of honor". 

The all new District Titus Complete is District as you've never seen before. Exciting colorways, captivating graphics and loaded with premium parts - you won't find a better value for money complete on the market. Designed for the beginner to intermediate scooter rider. 


  • Steel Handlebars 20" wide by 22" high

  • HT Deck 4.7" wide by 19.7" long

  • Steel Fork

  • 140mm Soft Grips

  • Compression Mini HIC

  • Double Clamp

  • Wheels 110mm by 24mm
  • Alloy Brake

  • Weight: 8.3 lb